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Moving Forward

Monday, November 12th, 2018

After a short break and receiving feedback on my games, I think it’s time to hunker down and actually do something concrete. Some playtesters felt that my last two games, Dim Sum and XLOC, would be good for mobile platforms if I changed a little bit of the design. This led me to think that maybe I’m not experienced enough to make deep, rich, immersive gaming experiences on the PC but rather short, enjoyable and simple gaming experiences on mobile devices.

I ruminated on this insight more and maybe I should take the leap and just create mobile games instead of constantly searching of that cultural magnum opus and becoming an icon for aspiring indie devs. If not now, then when? Anyway, this will be uncharted waters for me and should be a fun and exciting learning experience! I’ll not be using GameMaker Studio 2 for mobile since I do not have the mobile module. I’ll take this opportunity to learn Haxe/OpenFL, a piece of technology that I’ve been wanting to use. I thought about using Heaps but documentation and support for mobile is sparse albeit one could do it if they are technically competent enough, of which I am not. OpenFL, on the other hand, is more mature and has a larger userbase, Heaps is still pretty niche even though it has success stories, but those games were made by the creator of the framework’s company.

I guess I could feel guilty about doing free-to-play mobile games supported by ads but meh, let’s not get too hipster about mobile games. As long as I’m not predatory about whatever business model I adopt, I can live with myself. Onwards and upwards, I say! Here’s to moving forward!