Dim Sum

This month, I took part in the TIGSource Wholesome Competition. Since we are allowed to make a game that’s wholesome to us, I decided to try my hand at a cute food theme. Not sure what drew me to dim sum but I think I was hungry and thinking about the dim sum I had during my Hong Kong trip earlier in the year. Anyway, here’s it is! It’s a little buggy and imbalanced but I felt like I’m finally learning how pixel art works. I also wanted to try to make a grid-based game with simple mechanics regardless of whether the theme made sense. Overall, it was a really good learning experience. I definitely want to make more tighter grid-based games in the future and explore how deep we can go with simple grid-based mechanics.


For every turn, you will place a plate of dim sum on the table. For each plate of dim sum placed:

  • A piece of dim sum will be eaten from each plate.
  • Empty plates will be cleared.
  • Tea will be drunk (teapots will take 5 sips to be cleared).
  • Note that steamers can be stacked to a maximum height of 3.

You lose the game when you are unable to place a plate onto the table within 5 seconds.


  • Each placement resets the 5 second clock and nets you 1 point.
  • Each piece of dim sum nets you  the following points on each plate:
    • Small steamer: 5 points
    • Big steamer: 8 points
    • Round plate: 1 point
    • Small long plate: 2 points
    • Large long plate: 4 points
    • Teapot: 5 points
  • Clearing the plates nets you the same number of points corresponding to the respective plates as above i.e. clearing a small steamer off the table is also worth 5 points and so on.

Get as many points as possible and beat your high score!

[Play Dim Sum]

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