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Dim Sum

Monday, October 29th, 2018

This month, I took part in the TIGSource Wholesome Competition. Since we are allowed to make a game that’s wholesome to us, I decided to try my hand at a cute food theme. Not sure what drew me to dim sum but I think I was hungry and thinking about the dim sum I had during my Hong Kong trip earlier in the year. Anyway, here’s it is! It’s a little buggy and imbalanced but I felt like I’m finally learning how pixel art works. I also wanted to try to make a grid-based game with simple mechanics regardless of whether the theme made sense. Overall, it was a really good learning experience. I definitely want to make more tighter grid-based games in the future and explore how deep we can go with simple grid-based mechanics.


For every turn, you will place a plate of dim sum on the table. For each plate of dim sum placed:

  • A piece of dim sum will be eaten from each plate.
  • Empty plates will be cleared.
  • Tea will be drunk (teapots will take 5 sips to be cleared).
  • Note that steamers can be stacked to a maximum height of 3.

You lose the game when you are unable to place a plate onto the table within 5 seconds.


  • Each placement resets the 5 second clock and nets you 1 point.
  • Each piece of dim sum nets you  the following points on each plate:
    • Small steamer: 5 points
    • Big steamer: 8 points
    • Round plate: 1 point
    • Small long plate: 2 points
    • Large long plate: 4 points
    • Teapot: 5 points
  • Clearing the plates nets you the same number of points corresponding to the respective plates as above i.e. clearing a small steamer off the table is also worth 5 points and so on.

Get as many points as possible and beat your high score!

[Play Dim Sum]

The Wholesome Competition

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2018

Been a while since I made something because of work so I’m looking to kickstart game making again. Never took part in a TIGSource Compo before so I’m going to give this one a shot and hopefully get my lazy bum off the ground again. It’s a month long jam so I think it won’t be as taxing and stressful as Ludum Dare. The theme is wholesomeness and I have some ideas for this, most of them leaning towards kawaii. Be sure to follow the Wholesome Compo Forum and keep an eye out for the progress of the various participating games. Let’s see where this goes!