I’ve been trying to get back into game development after life took a bit of a diversion. Now that things have settled, I’m going to try to consistently make games on a regular basis (inspired by the experimental gameplay project), probably not on the frequency of a game a week or a game a month but maybe a game every two weeks, give or take. If I can do a game a week, that would be great but work is going to get busy soon so this will be a true test of my discipline. I think in the grand scheme of things, actually completing games will allow me to level up and I can work my way up to a large scale project.

That said, I’m happy to release a game which I started last Saturday and completed today. It’s a really small prototype/game with only one level. The inspiration was the translocator in the first Unreal Tournament. I remember teleporting around the map (telemonkeys was the nickname for translocator abusers) and even performing some acrobatic telefrags. To think that was almost 19 years ago… Geez.

So I thought, why not implement this teleporting mechanic in a platformer? Lo and behold, I present to you, XLOC! The name comes from the shorthand name of the translocator.

It’s a really simple game. You left-click to shoot the teleporter and right-click to teleport. Each run is timed and your goal is to collect all the stars on the level as quickly as you can. Thanks to Kenny for his crosshair packKevin MacLeod for the background music and Chequered Ink for the Electro Shackle font.


[Play XLOC]

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